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Who has a guestlist and how do I join it?

Written by Jade McCrainor

Updated over a week ago

Every venue using glistrr's services has an embedded guestlist app on their Facebook page with some even housing it on their venue's website. A list of venues incorporating this feature can be found by visiting our glistrr Guestlist Page or in turn by using Facebook's search bar to find the applicable venue.

Follow these simple steps in order to join a guestlist:

1) Select the desired venue using Facebook's search bar

2) Select the 'Guestlist' tab below the cover photo (If this is not visible click 'More')

3) Once loaded select the event you wish to join the gueslist for and the number of people using '+' and '-'

4) Select the list you wish to join and click confirm.

5) Once confirmed you will be issued with a confirmation email and ticket if required (Most venues simply require the name of the lead guest as proof of entry).

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