I AM A RAVER, the official album tour featuring Dj Zitkus, Dj Cammy, Dj Rankin, Dj Bad Boy, and Gary MCF is coming to the Botanic Inn, Belfast on Friday 17th February.

You can expect to hear “I Am A Raver”, “Listen To Your Heart”, “Superman Forever, and many more! What song brings you back?

For me this music reminds me of 1st year way back in 2005 when we used to use infrared to send songs to each other and if someone moved their Samsung D500 you had to start all over again, what does it remind you of?

This event has already taken place but you can see similar events below or visit our events page to see if something else tickles your fancy.


Publish date: 26th January 2018

Jade McCrainor

Jade is a staff writer at glistrr, writing about a wide range of topics, including upcoming events, organiser tips and tricks, and support articles.

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