Introducing glistrr Live Streaming

Introducing glistrr Live Streaming

2020 has been a tough year that has almost decimated our industry. Events are postponed or cancelled, people are out of work and just when you think you can see light at the end of the lockdown tunnel, it disappears into the distance.

We know as well as you that in-person events are severely limited at the moment and in a lot of cases it isn't even feasible to operate an in-person event. Live streams have become a popular alternative, but monetising them can be challenging. Today we're launching glistrr Live Streaming to help event organisers to monetise their live streams.

With glistrr Live Streaming you can now sell tickets for your live streams just as you would with your in-person events. Here's what's included:

✅ no additional costs - just the same, simple fee per ticket
✅ sell tickets up to and during your live stream
✅ access codes distributed automatically to customers
✅ restricted access to the stream, so only paying customers can view
✅ ability to offer both in-person and live stream tickets for the same event as you transition back to in-person events
✅ Zoom meeting support for live meetings/webinars/training

If you would like to learn more about how we can help with your live streaming needs, just drop us a message. We'd be glad to help!

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Jade McCrainor

Jade is a staff writer at glistrr, writing about a wide range of topics, including upcoming events, organiser tips and tricks, and support articles.

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