Exporting - Let's Get Growing! at Microsoft Teams, Online on Thu 6 Jun
Exporting - Let's Get Growing! at Microsoft Teams, Online on Thu 6 Jun

Thu 6 Jun 2024 at 10:30AM

Exporting - Let's Get Growing!

by Go Succeed


Microsoft Teams, Online

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The Go Succeed Start team hosts this online workshop; Exporting - Let's Get Growing!

Having already commenced export activities, businesses can experience difficulties in expanding sales operations beyond initial expectations. Working closely with and performance managing channel partners is essential in delivering consistent export driven growth. 

This workshop highlights business disciplines which, if applied correctly, will significantly enhance export driven growth. Participants will gain an understanding of the importance of and methods utilised to manage export sales activities. Key topics include the necessity to gain relevant market knowledge and business intelligence, adoption of internal planning and export budgeting processes, establishing realistic export targets and the performance management of international channel partners, agents, dealers, distributors, and importers.

Course Contents:

•           How to obtain reliable market intelligence and insights,

•           How best to formulate and deliver a consistent robust value proposition,

•           Performance management techniques for staff,

•           Channel partner selection, appointment and performance management,

•           Sources of help and advice.

Who Should Attend

This intermediate level workshop is suitable for businesses owners who want to achieve more growth from their established channel network. It will be valuable for businesses seeking to performance manage both its internal and external sales activities.

This Go Succeed workshop is open to all individuals in the early stages of their business, throughout Northern Ireland, and is facilitated by Enterprise Northern Ireland.


About the Presenter

Nigel is a seasoned and trusted Export business development professional, having spent 30+ years actively developing new markets for a range of global equipment manufacturers. He now assists SME’s plan for and execute their Export growth initiatives. Nigel works directly with businesses or in conjunction with Government Authorities to assist SME’s achieve export driven growth.


Registration instructions: This event is free for individuals and will be hosted online via MS Teams.  Please note, your email confirmation, Live Stream link and access code will come from noreply@glistrr.com, please add this to your list of trusted accounts to prevent information landing in your junk folder. 

This workshop is brought to you as part of Go Succeed NI.  Go Succeed represents a significant investment in local entrepreneurs and businesses, funded by the UK Government and powered by the UK Levelling Up Fund. 



Thu 6 June 2024
10:30AM - 12:30PM
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