The KNEECAP Feature Film - Belfast Event Day #1 at Belfast, Belfast on Wed 22 Mar
The KNEECAP Feature Film - Belfast Event Day #1 at Belfast, Belfast on Wed 22 Mar

Wed 22 Mar 2023 at 6:00PM

The KNEECAP Feature Film - Belfast Event Day #1

by Kneecap


Belfast, Belfast


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KNEECAP are shooting a feature film and they want you all involved! We are filming a massive gig scene, and who better to be in the crowd than the fans that got us here. If you want to be on the screen for our new film get your tickets now.

There are three opportunities to get involved. First, on Wednesday 1st of March in Dundalk and secondly in Belfast City Centre on either Wednesday 22nd of March or Thursday 23rd of March. Filming will take place over 5 hours to complete the scenes, we would need you to be available for the full 5 hours. Get your tickets for either Dundalk or Belfast!

Our scenes in Belfast on Wednesday 22nd of March, you have the option for a Full day ticket and take part in two Kneecap Gig Scenes, select the 10 hour ticket. Limited availability. This will be from 13:00PM and food will be provided.

Further details about your day of filming with Kneecap, including exact location, will be sent over closer to the time of shooting.

Please note, this is not a regular gig. You will get to see Kneecap perform live, but with the nature of a film set, there will be a lot of time where Kneecap are not performing. Keeping that in mind, it will still be a fun and unique experience.

If you have any questions before getting your ticket, please reach out to our email at



Wed 22 March 2023
6:00PM - 11:00PM
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United Kingdom


Attendees must be over the age of 18. A valid, government issued photographic ID is required for entry.


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