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How do I set up my live event with Zoom?

Written by Jade McCrainor

Updated over a week ago

To use a Zoom meeting with your glistrr event, you need to link a Zoom meeting to the glistrr event.

Setting up the Zoom meeting

There’s instructions for creating the meeting on Zoom's website, here.

Then you need to generate a shareable link for your Zoom meeting. Zoom's website has instructions for this, here. Your shareable link should look something like "".

Linking your Zoom meeting

Once you have the shareable link for your Zoom meeting you can set it on your glistrr event. Edit your event on glistrr, from the event page in the dashboard and set the "Zoom Meeting URL" in the "Advanced Details" section.

You can set the Zoom Meeting URL up to 15 minutes before the event starts. If you haven't set the URL by the day before the event, you'll get a reminder email from glistrr.

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