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How do I set the text that's posted to Facebook when someone signs up or buys a ticket?

Written by Jade McCrainor

Updated over a week ago

While editing your event, once you’ve switched on the ‘Display in Facebook App‘ setting, you may set the ‘Post text‘ in the field underneath.

You may also use the custom tags below:

  • [GuestName] - the name of the guest
  • [EventName] - the event name
  • [Date] - the event date
  • [CloseTime] - the guestlist close time
  • [FBGuestlistLink] - the link to your Facebook app
  • [NewLine] - take a new line
  • [TwitterName] - the guest's Twitter @username
  • [Booked] - the number of people in the party
  • [Friends] - the number of people in the party (not including the main guest)

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