Bobby Analog

Bobby Analog

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Dance music is a funny old thing. In many ways it’s betrayed us all; it’s duly beloved, inviting brands and capitalist ideology on board, leaving one more confused than waking from the dizziest of hangovers.

In Bobby, we have an artist who, and pardon the cliché, is reminiscent of the joy that still exists at the root of it all.

Last year validated Bobby as one of Ireland’s most compelling artists. He embarked on something of a creative re-direction; moving away from the shit hot disco and soul samples that have been enjoyed on previous Body Fusion records in favour of something deeper – laced with the attitude of mid 80’s NYC ballroom culture, subterranean house and ambient italo.

There was much confusion and anger, following Brexit negotiations, that Bobby would be unable to send Body Fusion and Hot Sauce records spiralling through the air across Europe, like a Greek plate spinning towards its inevitable doom. Luckily, a re-location of Body Fusion HQ to Central Europe has proved its saviour, and the people can now, at last, dance as one.

A string of shows at the most thrilling parties throughout Europe, mixes for esteemed publications such as Ransom Note and a particularly rowdy Boiler Room performance at Belfast’s AVA Festival have had us simultaneously laughing, smiling, crying and dancing to the heartfelt, broad and perceptive selections of dance music’s most joyous.

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