Cassö’s debut release, Prada was initially created for house parties he would play at. The twenty-year-old had been only producing for eight months, and he hadn't gigged outside of the living rooms of countless Swansea uni Halls - Prada propelled cassö to new and uncharted heights. Originally spun off “Ferrari Horses” by MOBO Award-Winning D-Block Europe featuring Brits Billion Award recipient Raye, Prada was cut on the uni laptop of cassö earlier this year.

Obsessed with the wandering and alluring vocal of Raye, cassö says “Listening to Ferrari horses in my playlist Raye’s vocals just stood out to me, I knew that would be perfect for a trance type drop. I made a euphoric pluck and a somewhat aggressive bassline to power the vocals. At the drop I wanted the song to ‘explode’ with the lyrics by making a flared change to the bassline pattern”.

After uploading the track on Soundcloud, Prada rocketed across the globe and attributed to waves of trends across TikTok and Instagram alike. Prada has garnered over 150 million streams on Soundcloud and surpassed 80,000 creations in the last four months alone! A whirlwind of a story thus far, it’s no mean feat to bag two global artists on a debut track for a uni student.

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