Danny Dee

Danny Dee



I started DJing in 1989 in a nightclub in Newtownards called Mingles at the Strangford Arms Hotel. My mentor was DJ Jay Caufield, I owe him a lot. He taught me everything; mixing, music selection, programming, mic usage the lot. I actually got into DJing by accident. Long story short, Jay asked me to do the slow set so he could dance with a girl. The bug grabbed me there and then. With shaking hands, very nervously I put my first needle on the record :)

Up until 1995 I got a few gigs here and there in and around Bangor. The Warwick, George, Helmsman, Wolseys and Coachmans to name a few. In 1995 I started my then longest residency to date in Calico Jacks in the Marine Court Hotel in Bangor. I was the Saturday Night DJ there until 2000.


In 1998 I joined Energy 106 FM. The owner of the station Lawrence John asked me to start working for him based on the music I was buying in his shop CD Heaven on High Street, Belfast. He also knew I was a chatty commercial DJ who mixed, and it was this he was looking for. My first Saturday Night show on air went out in late 1999. It was called 'Club Energy' and ran until 2005.

Around 2001 I invited fellow Energy DJ Stevie B to join me for the craic on one of my shows. We got on so well together I asked him to stay, and he did. We both ran the show right up until the end. I mixed the first hour and he did the second. We got on well together, he was my 'brotha from anotha motha!' :) When Energy finished I was devastated. It was such a great time being on air and doing Energy Roadshows all over Ireland. I left Calico Jacks because the roadshows were coming in every week, and I couldn't do both. I'll always remember the craic with the team; LJ, Paul Chapman and Miles Johnson were all great people. I miss them. I haven't stopped DJing. I admit my career has diversified a little bit now, as I even do the odd Pub Quiz. But I still love DJing, and love doing the 'revival' old skool nights every now and again. That music will never die for me, it's part of me and always will be.

Hopefully I'll still DJ as I get on in the years, and continue to keep the 90's alive.

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