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Denis Sulta

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Denis Sulta—real name Hector Barbour—has established himself as one of the most prolific dance music artists from the ever-fertile Glasgow scene.

Bursting onto the scene in a blur of exuberance, it’s fair to say Denis Sulta’s rise to the top has been nothing short of stratospheric. Following the 2015 release of “It’s Only Real”, a Boiler Room filmed in his home city of Glasgow, and bookings at The Warehouse Project, Space Miami, and Panorama Bar, Sulta quickly became one of the most in demand exports from Glasgow’s powerhouse music scene.

Now, a favourite everywhere from Circoloco in Ibiza to Timewarp and Awakenings, and with his own Sulta Selects parties selling out enormous spaces around the globe, Denis Sulta has become one of the most acclaimed global producers. His performances behind the decks also have a proven ability to ignite the airwaves online, raking in nearly 5 million streams across three Boiler Room sets, with his most recent showing being one of their most streamed sets of the year, garnering well over a million views in its very first month.

Now, after a production hiatus that seemed like an eternity, Denis Sulta re-emerges with the anthemic "World of Flies." A testament to his musical evolution, and first original release since 2020, the independently released single ushers in a new chapter of Denis Sulta's musical growth, showcasing his prowess as a lyricist, vocalist, and songwriter, with lots more to come.

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