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DJ Gigola



Gigolo means Playboy, but the word originally derives from the ancient French "Gigole" which used to mean Dancing Woman. This makes DJ Gigola both, a dancing woman and a playboy. Where others see tension and contradiction, DJ Gigola sees a chance for creation. In her playful way of breaking down boundaries, she hits the Zeitgeist of a generation that continuously transforms and recontextualises seemingly fixed concepts and stereotypes. As a result, both her sets and productions are quint-essentially genre-fluid. Her critically acclaimed cutting edge releases take a hybrid approach, successfully blending boundaries between Dance and Pop music. On a night out, you might hear DJ Gigola mix Madonna out of an old Bonzai record and back into Surgeon all within 5 minutes. Her sets are enigmatic and reflect a natural sense of curiosity - eager to explore, she does not shy away from experimenting. As playful as DJ Gigola’s selection may seem, however, she rigorously weaves together seemingly disperse tracks with one common thread: rhythm. She experiences music primarily through the rhythmic structure emergent from patterns of percussion rather than layers of melodic harmonies. This deep understanding for rhythm and groove, combined with her multi-facetted knowledge of music and curious audacity to try new things makes DJ Gigola one of the most exciting DJs to experience on a dance floor.

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