Dj Thera

Dj Thera

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The Dutch legendary artist Dj Thera has been blasting out music for many years. With 5 albums and over 250 single releases, this music veteran has no plans to slow down! Fusing genres like trance, techno and hardstyle together, his diverse approach to dance music is unique and brings sheer passion like no one else can.

Dj Thera always manages to create music and sets with tons of energy and feeling. His performances in the past years have taken him to almost every continent in the world, to the biggest festivals but also to obscure clubs where he always manages to get everyone as hyped as possible.

In 2023 Dj Thera is more productive than ever. Releasing a brand-new monthly mixtape series in March, a new album "From The Heart Part 3" in June and producing more and more towards techno and trance, there is no one stopping him!

Always moving forward in a positive, bright way, this is Dj Thera!

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