Enrico Sangiuliano

Enrico Sangiuliano

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Enrico Sangiuliano is a name you will have no doubt noted if you’ve dipped your toe in Techno waters. Standing as one of contemporary dance music’s most influential talents, the Emilia native’s impeccable back catalogue represents nothing but timeless No.1 records, and now only grows to hold more future classics. Aside from his chart-topping studio endeavours, the melodic pioneer’s lengthy resume of iconic performances have thrilled and inspired in equal measure, making him one of the most discernibly authentic and balanced artists on the circuit.

Embarking on his newest exploration in the world of sound design, the production maestro recently announced the launch of his 10-chapter, transient record label NINETOZERO, along with its correlative SOLO all-night-long event series. A sonic storyteller with deep and meaningful narratives at the core of his many opuses, Enrico’s time-limited imprint serves as an intervention to the notion of perpetual music, opting for an ephemeral concept that challenges audiences to redefine their listening habits. His corresponding SOLO series gives new perspective and insight into his sound palette as a DJ, as he extends the NINETOZERO ethos into an immersive live experience that highlights the evanescent beauty of contemporary club culture.

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