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Flip & Fill

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Flip & Fill are a dance/electronic duo/ vocal dance music brand/ DJ's/ Producers

Established since 2000 "Mark Hall" & "Graham Turner" were signed to "All Around The World" record label. Infiltrating the trance vocal genre from 2000 - 2012

With now over 2 decades of award winning hit singles and hundreds of official remixes for various artists from Shirley Bassey to Girls Aloud.

After the release of their award winning album "Floorfillas" Flip & Fill have worked with a string of session singers from Kelly Llorenna ("True Love Never Dies" - No. 7 UK) , Jo James ("Field of Dreams" - No. 28 UK ) ( "I Wanna Dance With Somebody" No. 13 UK) , Karen Parry ("Shooting Star" No. 3 UK) ("Discoland" No. 11 UK) , MC Junior ("Irish Blue" No. 20 UK)

Flip & Fill also collaborated with Davy T & the Porn Kings ("Shake Ya Shimmy" No. 28 UK)

"Mark Hall" has taken Flip & Fill into the new decade in 2020 with his own independent record label "Filtrate Recordings" with a new team.

Lead singer/ songwriter /vocal coach "Claire Cannon".

Continuing to release new music in 2022...

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