UK based Fractious (Stephen Garrett) has firmly fitted himself into the international techno community, providing his own unique blend of Hypnotic RAW groove based techno. Having released on label such as Tronic, Say What?, Orange Recordings and KD RAW which seen big support from Carl Cox, Truncate, Mark Reeve and Tiger Stripes on his Drumcode Radio mix also smashing the Beatport Techno Hype Charts at no. 5!!

Fractious has seen a string of top 10's over the last few years which is a testament to his hard work and passion for techno!! Fractious is in high demand when it comes to being remixed, with people such as Mr. C, Secret Cinema, ROD, Luigi Madonna, Frankyeffe, Steve Mulder, Richie Santana, Danilo Vigorito, Remy Unger, Petter B, Mars Bill, Matt Minimal, Dani Sbert, The Yellowheads, Alen Milivojevic, M. Fukuda, Peter Bailey, Etai Terazi all jumping at remix requests and always being approached by big labels and podcast sites. Fractious is kept busy in the studio and his gig calendar rarely empty with bookings around the globe, touring India regularly and also cities such as Helsinki, Paris, Oslo, Las Vegas, Amsterdam, Dublin, London to name a few!

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