Elloo people, Im HEIDI, a singer/songwriter from Southend-On-Sea, I guess this place is meant to be for you to find out a little bit more about me so here goes… I'm 21 but still cry a lot, Im ridiculously chaotic, stupidly clumsy ( i currently have fallen or tripped over at every show i've done but hey ho we all want our Gemma Collins moment right?). Ultimately i'm a bit of an Idiot who spends a lot of my time writing songs to try and understand this crazy world and it turns out that people actually wanna listen to them...Gassed to see what this year has to bring, after already signing my first record deal and having appearances across Sky News and The BBC, and a song featured on “Love Island” and multiple performance through out the year, i'm excited to make a little more noise in the music space. So feel free to follow a long and see wagwan. I can't really tell ya what's next because the truth is I've got no idea but i've got a feeling its going to be really special.

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