Jeffrey Martin

Jeffrey Martin

artist deep new americana southern americana stomp and flutter


As a babe Jeffrey Martin sought out solitude as often as he could find it. One night

he stayed up under the covers with a flashlight and a DiscMan, listening to Reba McEntire's 'That's the Night that the Lights Went Out in Georgia' on repeat until the DiscMan ran out of batteries. That night he became a songwriter, although he didn't actually write a song until years later.

Eventually he found his way to a writing degree, and then a teaching degree. His students were fierce and unstoppable forces, and for all that they took from him in sleep and sense, they gave him a hundred times back in sparks and humility.

Alas, music, the tour life, was a constant raccoon scratching at the back door.

Jeffrey spent nights on end staring off into the dark, wondering if he could bear to leave teaching to go on tour full time. Eventually his brain caught up with what his guts had known for months.

Jeffrey Martin tours full time these days. He prefers to drive if he can help it.

Flying feels like the microwave of transportation. Driving is a slow cook over a wood fire. Martin currently lives in Portland, OR where most of his home time is spent wandering the neighborhoods with his good dog Jones, eavesdropping for song content. He finished recording a NEW ALBUM in January 2023, due out in the fall of this year.

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