Marco V

Marco V

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Having been at the forefront of the global techno trance movement for more than two decades now, Marco V’s indisputable position at the helm of the techier side of Dutch dance music continues to soar. Exploding across the burgeoning scene on both homeland and international levels, back in the day Marco’s Southside Spinners project - together with Benjamin Bates -propelled the successfully acquired taste of ‘Luvstruck’ onto the radars of those who mattered.

This, and later releases like ‘Simulated’ and ‘Godd’ were a pinpoint commission that led to inspire a new generation of DJ/Producers. Marco released a string of genre-blending tracks like ‘False Light’, ‘del *.mp3’ ,’Avalon’ ,’Unprepared’ and ’My Trip’ that cemented his status as one of the global forces in dance music. As a remixer in constant demand, he has reworked music from some of the biggest names in the music industry; artists that include Madonna, Nicole Scherzinger, 50 Cent, James Blunt, and big classic dance hits like Cafe del Mar, The Age of Love, Papua New Guinea and Loops’n’Tings.

In 2020 Marco started working on his new VISION 20/20 project, going back to the roots of the techno trance sound he has helped shape since the late nineties. Tracks like ‘ME/AN’, ‘WA/VE’ and ‘What you NE/ED’ have already been picked up by a host of todays frontline DJs and are widely considered to be yet another innovative move into new realms from this boundary pushing pioneer.

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