Born in Rome, but currently based in the Italian capital of Arts, Florence, Isabella (aka Matisa) has been plugging away at her sound, formulating her signature energy that is bright, bubbling and emotional. Matisa picked up DJing in her mid-teens after feeling her creative expression was hindered by traditional musical instruments. After graduating with a degree in Political Science, with the prospect of working in government, Matisa felt her creative side yearning for more freedom, hence studying and later receiving a Masters in Fashion Product Management at Polimoda: one of the top fashion institutes in the world. Since her debut EP on Optimo Music in 2019, Matisa has released music with Permanent Vacation, Biologic Records, Dischi Autunno, Butter Sessions, On Loop and Steel City Dance Discs. This year saw Matisas most successful EP to date: Tongue on Peggy Gou’s imprint GUDU Records. Gaining support from Skepta’s Mas Tiempo, Ben UFO, Jennifer Cardini, Gerd Janson, Peach, Nicola Cruz, Mall Grab, Shanti Celeste, Sally C, Moxie and Eris Drew, amongst many others, is all testament to her infectious energy. Now with no boundaries to artistic influence or expression and keeping strong ties with both the fashion and music industries, Matisa not only works and collaborates with top brands and talented designers but seamlessly and authentically ties both careers and passions together. “My music is born to inspire expression and encourage you to lose yourself in the moment.”

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