Max Cooper

Max Cooper

artist electronica microhouse minimal melodic techno minimal techno modular synth


Max Cooper has carved a unique space as an audio-visual artist with a science PhD & an international reputation as a leading electronic musician.

His work carries an emotional resonance & sensory immersion, often focusing on humanity’s place in the world.

He merges electronic music & visual art with scientific enquiry through installations, live performance, immersive audio-visual experiences, digital media & award-winning music videos.

Unspoken Words is Cooper’s 6th studio album & the latest in an impressive back catalogue that dates back to 2007, when he juggled studying Computational Biology with being resident DJ at a local techno club.

He recently supplied the music for a powerful video narrated by Greta Thunberg & Pope Francis & played at COP26, urging world leaders to consider climate and environment in Covid recovery plans. Last year, he became the first techno artist to play at the Acropolis in Athens, Greece.

Other work includes commissions from The Barbican, France TV & collaborations with Zaha Hadid Architects, The Babraham Institute, & L-Acoustics.

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