Mike Denver

Mike Denver

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Mike Denver forged a career as one of Ireland's foremost country singers, due in part to a relentless touring schedule and regular studio work. Born in Galway as Michael Fallon, the future singer was brought up around his mother's deep love for country music. By the time he was 16 he took to performing live alongside his mother around Northern Ireland. At some point during those early tours, manager Willie Carty saw him perform, signing him under his tutelage the very same night. A few years on, in 2003, Denver had written and recorded his debut album, Wings to Fly. Over the years that followed, Denver maintained a busy touring schedule, whilst at the same time heading into the studio to regularly record full-length albums, including Seasons in the Sun (2008), Vintage Country (2011), and There's Only One Mike Denver (2013); perhaps his biggest highlight was 2008's Got a Funny Feelin', which featured country legend George Jones. In 2014 Denver played a career-defining show when he headlined the DalriadaLIVE festival at Glenarm Castle. Yet another studio album, Cut Loose, arrived from the prolific musician in 2016. ~ Liam Martin, Rovi

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