Rebecca McKinney

Rebecca McKinney



Rebecca has taken her passion for fashion and injected it into her life at every possible opportunity. Graduating from law school and armed with her Masters degree, Rebecca wanted more than simply letters after her name and embarked on a life in the fashion and media world.

Three years as the lead fashion stylist at Victoria Square in Belfast, led to 2014, where Rebecca landed one of her ‘bucket list’ dream roles as a presenter on ‘The Breakfast Show’ at Cool FM, the radio station she grew up listening to. As the number one commercial show in Northern Ireland, Rebecca, along with Pete Snodden and Paulo Ross wake up the nation 5 days a week.

When she is not chatting about life and loves on the radio, you can find her hosting some of the most exciting events in the country, styling fashion shows, presenting in front of the camera, blogging, travelling and engaging in as much pizza and prosecco nights with the girls as possible! 

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