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As a prominent figure among Manchester’s new generation of techno protagonists, Rudosa has established a formidable reputation. A tirelessly creative artist who injects his unwavering energy into a myriad successful ventures, he has won universal respect from across the techno world. Since the release of his career-defining cut ‘Obsolescence’ in 2019, he has developed and refined his sound, arriving at his current style, which splices 90s and early 2000s influences with tribal-esque percussion for maximum impact at peak-time. Releases have landed with labels such as Soma, Exhale, Hekate, We Are The Brave, Bipolar Disorder and more. While he’s been out on the road performing at top-tier venues such as Fabrik Madrid and Warehouse Project in his hometown.

Label boss at Moments In Time, owner of music school Make Me A DJ and renowned artist in his own right, Rudosa is deeply committed to electronic music culture. Passionate, thoughtful, talented and hard working, he’s a consummate artist whose drive to cultivate community and use his platforms to elevate other artists makes him a key influence in Manchester’s techno scene. Driven by love and passion for his craft, and sparking unforgettable moments on the dance floor, Rudosa has cultivated a loyal global following and continues to push the music forward, all the while staying true to the roots of techno…

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