With his hard kicks, fast drive & bouncing beats, there is no getting around this brand-new talent. Satirized is here to bring you the future of extreme!

Joshua Verweij is a Dutch Uptempo producer from IJsselstein, Utrecht. After his musical journey started in 2019, he made sure to invest all his spare time in producing Uptempo – and with great result! Satirized created his own distinctive sound with a melodic & bouncy vibe, that makes the crowd lose it every single time.

He released his first track 'Pray To The Lord' at Barbaric Records, immediately receiving major support from his fans. From that moment on, Satirized made his mark on the Uptempo scene and keeps on growing by the very minute! He hit an impressive 1.5 million streams on Spotify this year & scored several hits like ‘Bounce’ with more than 600K streams.

Sound systems are no longer safe when Satirized enters the stage, he’s ready to take Uptempo to another level!

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