Scot Project

Scot Project

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Scot Project is a fairly well-known DJ/producer from Germany, Basically the „King of Hardtrance“, whose initial success came in 1996 with the hit single "U (I Got a Feeling)" and manifested in the 00´s with tracks like „O (overdrive)“ or „L (Want Your Love) . Born Frank Zenker in Frankfurt, Germany, he is a man of many aliases, another notable one being Arome. His production and remix work over the years is too bountiful and scattershot to detail, though a good portion of it was released on German hard trance label Overdose until 2005. After he released on his own Label Druck Records and various Labels such like Positiva,Armada, Spinnin, Vandit, Outburst. Scot Project is using a lot of Elements in his productions, from Trance,Techno, Electro to Hardstyle. He doesn’t like boundaries and is constantly evolving with his sound. 2020 will bring a bunch of exciting new Tracks and Remixes, Techno and Trance melting together.. ..The story continues.

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