Shane Codd

Shane Codd

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'Shane Codd' is a 24 year old DJ/Producer from Dublin, Ireland.

House music runs through his veins. His love for it can be traced back to when he was a child; he'd listen to club-classics at home, in the car with his mother, with mates at school, anywhere. Its effect is fully felt on his breakout single ‘Get Out My Head’, which nods to the late 90s/early 2000s dance sound, albeit with his own unique twist. Created in his bedroom at his family home as a form of escape when life paused due to Covid, the track became inescapable itself, resulting in a Top 10 hit on the Official UK Singles Chart as well as Top 10 in his native Ireland, racking up over 20 million streams across both territories. While he is an entirely self-taught producer it wasn’t always easy. He remembers dropping out of college for a year, moving into a damp apartment in Dublin with no heating and struggling to pay rent, all so he could focus solely on making music. 5 years on, he admits: “I still have loads to learn, its the exciting bit for me. I’m learning piano at the moment – it’s a life goal to get good at it.” His ultimate goal is a simple but ambitious one. Like his heroes of the genre - Avicii, Gigi D'Agostino & Alice Deejay, he wants “to go down as a legendary dance producer, someone who is respected, brought out good music & put on a great live show. I’d love it if my music was remembered in 20 years, like Robin S’ ‘Show Me Love’, one that people still love & doesn’t get old, truly classic tunes."

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