Space Dimension Controller

Space Dimension Controller

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Jack Hamill’s Space Dimension Controller project has delivered some of the most enduring electronic music in recent times. Via single and album releases for the likes of R&S, Ninja Tune, Clone's Royal Oak, Dekmantel and Running Back, SDC has thrilled with a certain timeless sound that has embodied science fiction swirling tones, glitchy and granular beats and a nostalgia for electronic music that always sounds futuristic.

The SDC sound was fully formed as far back as 2008 when he was experimenting in his bedroom. Since then his ability to coax narrative from tape machines, synths and hardware has continually evolved. As a DJ, Space Dimension Controller likes to reset the mood and set off in his own direction. Small dark spaces are the best canvas for this, and from there he journeys though all his influences in smooth fashion, with tempos rising as he shifts through 80s, disco, house, acid tech, electro and IDM.

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