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Technoboy, is an Italian hardstyle DJ and producer from Bologna

Technoboy is a DJ and producer who started out playing vinyl in 1992. The genre he primarily plays is Hardstyle.

Cristiano's not only busy DJing most of the time, he's managing as well as producing for 'The Saifam Group' (Italy), which is a reputable record company. He began in 1992 as A&R manager at 'RECORD 66 Music Market for DJs', which he still manages today. He then started in 1996 as Producer and A&R at 'Arsenic Sound' until 1998, when he became a producer at ' The Saifam Group' and ever since 1999, he's A&R at the 'Alternative Sound Planet' label.

As an A&R manager, he supervises several well-known labels such as Dance Pollution, Red Alert, Titanic Records, Spectra Records, Green Force, BLQ, Bonzai Records Italy, Bonzai, Trance Progressive Italy, and XTC Italy. He also produced numerous well-known acts such as DJ Gius, Nitro, Klone, Pacific Link, The Hose, Spiritual Project, Giada, The KGB's, K-Traxx, Citizen, 2 Best Enemies, Hardstyle Masterz, Hunter, The Raiders, DJ Stardust, Droid, Atlantic Wave, Vector Two, Q-Zar, Ruff, Speedwave, Builder, and Psy man.

Technoboy also performed at events like Defqon.1 Festival, Bionic (UK), Sensation, Mondo (Edinburgh UK), Qlimax, Mystery Land, In Qontrol, Hard Bass, X-Qlusive, Fantazia (Glasgow), Decibel etc., and in Clubs like Hemkade 48, The Bridge, Index (Earthquake 2003), Tropicana, OXA, Ministry of Dance, Locomotion, Plaza di Christo, Vat 69 (2Fast4Trance), The Melkweg, and Club Sans Souci (The Zone). His popularity continues to reach beyond the borders of Italy towards countries such as the Netherlands, Poland, Australia, Switzerland, Germany, Romania, and the United States.

Some of Technoboy's biggest hits include 'War Machine', 'Rage', 'Into Deep', 'Oh My God', and the Qlimax 2008 Anthem 'Next Dimensional World'.

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