The Waxies

The Waxies

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In 19th-Century Dublin, a union of cobblers (known as “waxies” for their waterproofing wax) watched a caravan of rich townsfolk leave for their annual picnic on the River Dargle, and they got an idea. They loaded cart after cart with family and friends, carried them off to a grassy plain outside the city, and had a party of their own. The annual bash grew famous among the commonfolk as the Waxies’ Dargle, inspiring the popular Irish pub song of the same name.

Then, in 21st-Century Grand Rapids, a new incarnation of The Waxies got together to share the same spirit of fun. An Irish folk lineup combined with modern punk-rock energy make for a knock-down, drag-out, hell-of-a-good-time show. Though the lineup has changed often since The Waxies’ birth in 2007, their continued success is ensured by their enthusiasm for good music and good times, their loyal West Michigan fanbase, and their niche in the indie-folk genre growing in popularity.

In 2009, The Waxies were named “Best Celtic Rock Band in Michigan” at the Ionia Free Fair Celtic Battle of the Bands (judged by audience enthusiasm and hosted by Waxies godfather Liam the XL Leprechaun) and in 2011, voters from all over Michigan awarded The Waxies a Shammy Award for “Favorite Irish Rock Act in Michigan.”

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