Since 2019’s Foundation EP release broke through, Ubblahkan have been steadily building on that success and this looks set to continue in 2022. The duo come from a wealth of DJ, promotion and clubbing experiences and consistently deliver a musical scope of club ready grooves for any dance floor. This range can be heard within their productions, confidently working from tech and disco to the deeper and even soulful sides of the electronic music spectrum. Further enforced by the disguised labels that they have released on to date, labels such as Nervous Records, Of Unsound Mind, Kinky and Seven Music. Make no mistake though, house music is very much at the centre of their sound and clearly amplified through their DJ sets and productions, its undoubtably a core part of their roots.

- www.ubblahkan.com

- www.residentadvisor.net/dj/ubblahkan

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