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The sound of X CLUB., the dance production duo of Ben Clarke and Jesse Morath, is not easily defined. Inspired by early 90s techno all the way through to future-facing drum’n’bass, X CLUB. has carved out a space entirely their own thanks to their authentic and eclectic take on dance music with serious consideration for underlying groove.

Founded from the rustic walls of Brisbane/Meanjin Australia’s warehouse scene and exported to London as their home-base, X CLUB. counts the likes of Steel City Dance Discs, SPANDAU20, 99CTS Records, 1Ø PILLS MATE and Stay On Sight as homes for their music.

2023 will see forthcoming projects on Berlin based label Spandau20 which is headed up by techno powerhouse duo, FJAAK, as well as the first releases on X CLUB.’s very own Hide The Junk label. Festival bookings globally are plentiful, playing Forbidden Fruit Dublin, Brunch in the Park Barcelona, Igloo Festival Montreal, Movement Festival Detroit and Glitch Festival Malta, as well as their debut Boiler Room at Belfast’s iconic AVA Festival.

With plenty more gas left in the tank, X CLUB. is not taking anything for granted. They are solidifying their presence as one of dance music and techno's most exciting names both in the studio and on the live stage. Always eager to keep pushing and breaking new ground, X CLUB. remain a serious force du jour and one which will be felt across the world as they continue their mission of global domination — one dancefloor at a time.

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