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My access code isn't working

Written by Jade McCrainor

Updated over a week ago

There are number of reasons why your access code may not work. These are covered in the sections below.

You have entered the code incorrectly

This is the most frequent cause of incorrect code entries. We recommend copying and pasting the code from your confirmation email, as it is very easy to confuse some letters with numbers depending on the font on your device.

Your access code has already been used

Your access code is valid for one use. This restriction is applied to your device and IP address, so you may not switch devices or internet connections once you have applied your access code. Note that using Private browsing or Incognito mode in your web browser can cause issues if you reload the page and your IP address has changed.

Your transaction was refunded

If your transaction has been refunded, the access code will be invalidated and will not grant access to the stream.

Need more help?

If you are still experiencing difficulties accessing the live stream, please make a note of the error message that you have received and get in touch with glistrr support.

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