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Guestlist, Freelist and VIP- What's the difference?

Written by Jade McCrainor

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Each venue can pre-determine a range of guestlist selections for each event. Generally these take the form of 'Guestlist', 'Freelist' and 'VIP'. If you are unsure of what each of these terms mean please see below:


A guestlist is a form of sign-up that improves your chance of gaining entry at the door with the accompaniment of some sort of reward. For example; faster entry, reduced entry fee or a free drink. To fulfil your guestlist status it usually requires entrance to the event before a specified time.


A freelist is when a venue offers free entry to their event for a set number of people. Usually this list is open for a limited time and available on a first come, first serve basis.


A venue's VIP list will offer access to the VIP area In addition to pre-determined rewards. For example; A champagne reception, access to a private bar/seating area or a 'meet and great experience'. A VIP area is usually substantially smaller than the rest of the venue therefore a set number of guests can access it with entrance fees usually incurring a higher charge than those on guestlist or paying at the door.

Occasionally venues choose unique list terms for club registration, so if you are still unsure what the selection means get in touch.

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